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About this wiki

This is a wiki under development.

Need a lot of people to help edit!


Euxcbsks (talk)

A person whose main language is Chinese but wants to help edit the English wiki.

He's English is not very good, but at least can have basic conversations, and often use Google Translate when editing.

So if someone can help, he will be very happy.

About this game

My colony is a game based on HTML5, so it can be listed on many platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux, even on Chrome OS or Facebook OS you can see the figure of My Colony too!

How to start a new game

To start a new game, you must first choose a game mode.

Then, you must choose your starting civilizations.

After doing this, choose on which world you wish to establish your colony.

The difficulty depends on the world you choose.

So, for new players, it is advisable to start with an easy or beginner level world, to become familiar with the game.

Then, you can choose between the unique town mode and the region mode.

With the unique town mode, you can create a map, from small to very large.

With the region mode, you can conquer new parts of the map as you go, which in the end gives you sectioned but possibly almost endless cities.

Each planet has its own resources.

So depending on the planet and the civilization you have chosen, the best way to develop your city will not be the same.

Each civilization has its own technology and its own buildings.

So the different ways of developing on the same type of planet, will not be exactly the same depending on the civilization chosen.

For a complete view of the type of game you can do and the difficulty of each game, we recommend that you refer to the Beginner's Guide on MyColony.


As the game has evolved, new elements appear. And for some time now, there has been an encyclopedia in-game. You can also access a table of references on the affiliated game site "".

The pages that you can access here essentially contain the elements of this encyclopedia and these reference tables.

If you are searching one thing in particular, simply find it in on one of these tables or type "Controle + F".


Building per category (or see all building at All Building(sort by A to Z) page)

Alien Tech :
  • Alien Enrichment Facility
  • Alien Plastic Factory
  • Alien Power Tower
  • Aluminum Generator
  • Ancient Alien Condenser
  • Ancient Alien Gold Synthesis
  • Ancient Alien Microchip Factory
  • Ancient Alien Ore Refinery
  • Auntie Belles Cupcake Factory
  • Charcoal Converter
  • Galactic Star Gate
  • Integrated Aluminium Generator
  • Quantum Circuit Foundry
  • Quantum Distillery
  • Quantum Food Fortification
  • Quantum Food Storage
  • Quantum Nuclear Reactor
  • Quantum Oil Tank
  • Quantum Slab of Processing
  • Quantum Sugar Cloner
  • Quantum Supply Pile
  • Quantum Warehouse
  • Quantum Water Tower
  • Quantum Wet Cone
  • Medium Range Star Gate
  • Ore Zapper
  • Relic Cauldron
  • Star Gate
  • Ultra Deep Dig Site
Decorative :
  • Ancient Statue
  • Ancient Temple
  • Caution Sign
  • Colored Flower Garden
  • Colored Tile
  • Commemorative Plaque
  • Decorative Trees and Cactus
  • Draconian Prairie Weed
  • Fair Warming
  • Flags
  • Fountain
  • Golden Sign
  • Grass Scrub
  • Grass
  • Light Posts(category)
  • Lights(category)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Monument of Heroes
  • Obelisk of Colonial Independence
  • Presidential Statue
  • Sand(category)
  • Statue of Admiral Tots
  • Statue of Domination
  • Statue of Emperor Zolarg
  • Statue of Two
  • Statue of Unbridled Excess
  • Statue
  • The Lander of Liberty
  • Walls(category)
  • Water Pool
Durable Goods :
  • Advanced Clothing Sweatshop
  • Advanced Microchip Factory
  • Advanced Plastic Factory
  • Advanced Ship Yard
  • Alien Plastic Factory
  • Ancient Alien Microchip Factory
  • Artificial Sweetner Factory
  • Brew Pit
  • Brewmasters Den
  • Brick Factory
  • Circuit Foundry
  • Clothing Sweatshop
  • Distillery
  • Microchip Factory
  • Old Electronics Chop Shop
  • Plastic Factory
  • Potterbug's Mound
  • Pottery Works
  • Quantum Circuit Foundry
  • Quantum Distillery
  • Scheepswerf
  • Ship Yard
  • Shipworks
  • Synthetic Textile Mill
  • Textile Mill
  • Toy Sweatshop
  • Unholy Brew Pit
  • Wheel Factory
  • Wheelmakers Lodge
Economy :
  • Advanced Clothing Sweatshop
  • Altar of Commerce
  • Bank
  • Black Market Bazar
  • Center for Relic Studies
  • Clothing Sweatshop
  • Cybercoin Mine
  • Data Interceptor
  • Deep Space Interceptor
  • Dracarus Mint
  • Export Cannon
  • Galactic Board of Trade
  • Galactic Freight
  • Galactic Star Gate
  • Galactic Stock Excchange
  • Gold Mint
  • Hacker Camp
  • Insectoid Mint
  • Investment Bank
  • Jewelry Store
  • Labor Camp
  • League Trade Authority
  • Luxury Tower
  • Mass Driver
  • Medium Range Star Gate
  • Megamart
  • Money Pit
  • Mound of Online Business
  • Obelisk of Plenty
  • Online Black Market Office
  • Research Converter
  • Small Server Farm Operation
  • Space Elevator
  • Star Gate
  • Star Port
  • Supermarket
  • Tax Collection Agency
  • Tech Office Building
  • Universal Commodities Excchange
Education :

Entertainment :

Farming :

Food :

Government :

Housing :

Immigration :
Information Technology :

Medical :

Power :

Research :

Resources :

Roads :

Security :

Storage :

Terraforming :

Tourism :

Waste Management :


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